Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

The Eyes of Tara™

"The Tibetan medical system is one of the best known in all Asia. Its complex history is marked, down to the present time, by extraordinary personalities, who, transcending the specific functions of a doctor, often rise to the stature of a spiritual master." —Enrico del Angelo

Relieve and restore the sensitive skin around your eyes with this refreshing, gentle, healing cream blended from eleven natural ingredients. The Eyes of Tara™ is the first natural treatment for dryness, puffiness, and the fine lines and wrinkles associated with the rush and stress of modern living in urban, suburban, or high sunlight environments.

Secrets From Ancient Tibetan Texts
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

The high altitudes of the Tibetan plateau can be very dry, and the greater solar ultra-violet radiation easily ages normal skin. The area surrounding our eyes is particularly at risk. The thinnest skin on the body, it must allow the rapid movements of the eye, eyelids, and eyebrows. Due to this thinness, it has less collagen and elastin than other areas. Even worse, it has fewer sebaceous glands to provide natural skin oils. Yet, both high lamas and ladies of Tibet often have fresh and youthful skin despite these conditions.

It was particularly auspicious, then, that the most revered Tibetan medical text, the Gyud Zhi, finally revealed the key ingredient to prepare a formula with the freshness and vitality of Oil of Tara™ in a cooling eye cream. "Dhar-bu" is now available in a safe, effective, and soothing natural base.

Aloe Vera, cucumber extract, hyssop and chamomile combine in The Eyes of Tara™ to give us the best that Western herbalists can provide. Then we add golden dhar-bu extract from Asia to improve and fortify these healing ingredients. Just dab it around your eyes and begin seeing an entire new world.

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