Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

All Natural Oils & Ingredients*

Oil of Tara™ is unique in the field of skin care. Simply by reading the label, you can tell why we call it "Diamonds in Gold". There is no water, no alcohol, not a single chemical or synthetic ingredient. It uses more pure essential oils than other formulas, and every ingredient is selected to blend synergistically with the others.

The Difference is in the Quality
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

Top: Almond   Left: Aloe   Right: Sesame

Many dealers sell essential oils diluted in grapeseed or other oils. When pure French verbena sells for over $1,000 a pound, there is every excuse to be economical, but changing Dr. Shankaran's formula would be unthinkable. Oils such as jojoba and avocado cost three or four times more than almond or sesame, but since each adds specific healing or rejuvenating activities, none can be diluted or diminished. Oil of Tara™ is blended by hand less than five gallons at a time, hand filled, and will never, in fact, can never, be mass produced. There simply aren't enough kilos of verbena available.


Extracted from the nut of the jojoba, a hardy cactus-like shrub, it is not an oil, but a pure liquid ester. The world's lightest moisturizer, jojoba is finer than the finest vegetable oils. Mimicking natural skin oils, it penetrates deeply and due to a single-chain structure, it is a natural anti-oxidant that helps strengthen collagen and blood vessels. Used since prehistory by Native Americans in the American Southwest, its cosmetic and medicinal value are legend.

Aloe Vera Gel

From the Bible to modern day beauticians, everyone knows the soothing, healing effects of the Aloe Vera plant, a widely available succulent often grown as an ornamental.

Apricot Kernel

This oil is known for its excellent emollient and skin softening abilities. It is a source of natural plant alkaloids with healing properties.

Calendula Extract

A member of the marigold family, calendula is a legendary natural healer used in many countries. It is high in vitamins A and C and phosphorus. It also contains salicylic acid, saponine, and calundine. It is also high in glycosides, including rutin, and heals scalds, irritations, sunburn, and scratches.


comes from the Aztec "ahua huatl". Avocado oil is nearly as fine as jojoba and has outstanding regenerative properties. With a high content of essential fatty acids, it softens and increases the elasticity of the skin. Its high level of sterols give it unique restructuring abilities which help to keep the skin moisturized.

Hyssop Extract

Hyssop comes from the Arabic "azob", or holy herb. This fragrant plant is the source of an essential oil similar to lavender. Both bruised leaves and infusions are used to treat bruises, cuts, and discolorations associated them.


is the traditional carrier oil for Indian Ayurvedic massage. It is a mild rubefactant, increasing blood flow to the capillaries and improving skin metabolism. It is also a source of natural plant estrogens.

Olive Oil

is not only an excellent emollient and skin moisturizer, it also has rubefactant qualities similar to, but slightly milder than sesame oil. Used since antiquity, it is rich in Vitamin C and other skin nutrients.


also known as sweet almond, is the heaviest of the seven oils. Mild enough for the most sensitive skin, it tones and strengthens the skin, especially the thighs and the soles of the feet.

Juniper Berry

This aromatic oil is a rubefactant and carminative. Blends naturally with geranium.


Promotes rapid healing while softening the skin by helping it produce more sebum

Lemon Verbena

We use pure lippia citriadora oil for its ability to help break down cellulite

Lemon Grass

High in citrols, and one component, myrcene, acts as a site-specific pain killer.


High in glycosides, including rutin, which help to strengthen the veins and the skin

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