House of Tara

Procuring The All Natural Ingredients of Tara

Just as professional chefs buy fresh every day at the market, we obtain each of our ingredients from suppliers who travel to the source to confirm purity and potency.

In some cases, they know personally a small producer that will maintain the standards we require. Rachel Shapiro goes to Corsica every year to buy from her organic producers, and we buy from her.

In other instances a natural ingredient has never been improved upon. There are many sources for seed oils, used in large amounts in both food and industry. In these cases, we investigate the company and its sources. A company like Spectrum Naturals maintains the same cold-pressed quality from 55 gallon drums to the twelve ounce bottles they sell in grocery stores. Food grade quality is the best, and we shop for freshness.

For other essential oils, large firms who sell natural oils to the perfume giants sell smaller amounts to us for a premium. They're always worried about losing the Est»e Lauder account, so they are professional about it. We don't have to barter with spice vendors in Mozambique, or buy from third or fourth party re-sellers. Ungerer and Berje compete fiercely with each other in New Jersey, and we take the best they have to offer.

Finally, there are organic compounds extracted or reconstituted from natural substances that allow creams and ointments to maintain consistency and purity over a period of time. As long as it is found in nature we don't mind. We don't add whole blueberries for their tiny amounts of methyl paraben, a natural fungicide. It can come from any number of sources. Likewise, the natural base for all plant waxes is stearic acid, which looks just like flakes of candle wax. It thickens oil blends to a creamy consistency, and is completely natural.

The cream base we use for all three cream products is identical because your skin is the same from head to toe. We have a formula that works, so we don't change it. The active ingredients differ, providing specific healing and toning effects specific to each product. Oil of Tara™ and The Touch of Tara™ both contain lemon verbena with its distinctive lemon-drop fragrance. The Eyes of Tara™ and The Face of Tara™ are unscented and retain the fresh, natural bouquet of their ingredients.

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