Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

99% Customer Satisfaction Over 9 Years!

Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

Oil of Tara™ was first sold in January, 1998. Formulated by a physician for her friends, it was perfect for a website test site. It was never hyped or advertised anywhere. We tested the product on ourselves, and started with nothing but confidence that we had a great little item and hoped our customers would teach us the rest. Every note you see here arrived as you see them.

By 2007, Oil of Tara had customers in every state, as well as England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Korea, Kosovo, Peru, Spain, The Philippines, Germany, Puerto Rico, Greece, France, and Italy!

Over the years, we've learned a customer's unique sensitivities to the ingredients in our formula is an important factor in the effectiveness of the Oil of Tara™. Beyond that, the rich healing blend is so generous in natural vitamins and soothing oils that even when it can't do miracles, they love it. That's probably why in nine years only three ounces have been returned to us, a 99.3% record of customer satisfaction. From the very beginning, they've let us know about it...

"...it is working on fading a vein problem in my ankle area. Has also helped with an intense itching in my thigh area. This oil made it feel better. Cool stuff!"

  —  D.D., Seattle, WA*

"Stunning product! Had one large spider vein on top of leg and a smaller one next to it. After using Oil of Tara, the larger one has become smaller and is fading. The smaller one is almost totally fading away. We try all the new products that come in and this one really works!"

  —  N.H., New Products Editor, Britain*

"I'm a 17 year old equestrian who is outdoors a lot. I've been using my Mom's Oil of Tara on my face. It has minimized the freckles and minor blemishes I had. My skin is now soft and smooth. Thanks!!"

  —  C.S., Seattle, Washington*

"Just wanted to tell you how much I love Oil of Tara. But it does so much more than spider veins! I have been using it on my face and it has worked very well in getting rid of sun spots and irregularities. I had an odd shaped mole starting to turn colors. I was getting concerned about it. After I started using it on my face, the moles are almost gone and are the color of natural skin! Plus I love the smell and energy that comes off of it!..."

  —  P.C., Tacoma, Washington*

"I am so happy to say that I do see an improvement with my spider veins. They are fading...slowly but surely. I saw results in about 4 weeks or so...I love the smell and texture of Tara, it is a wonderful product. (My husband didn't know what I was using but he has allergies to most fragrances, but he loved Tara's aroma.) Thank you so much. I will continue to use this product praying for positive results."

  —  Sincerely, E.P., Arizona*

"Please send me another bottle of Oil of Tara to shrink my horrible spider veins! Who would have thought that a girl in her twenties would have so many. I guess when you like to wear high heels, you have to pay the price! Thank you for such a great product!"

  —  Mary W., New Jersey*

"Hello, I am a registered nurse and Yoga instructor/Wellness Director. I bought a bottle of your oil a couple months back for the small spider veins on my face. It hasn't worked on the spider veins BUT I want to tell you what it HAS done!
  • The small wrinkles on my skin are disappearing! (I'm 47).
  • My college daughter was home at Christmas time with a very bad burn on her hand that she received working in a laboratory. We began apply Oil of Tara twice daily and it healed in 3-4 days! The down side of this was that she loved it so much that she took half a bottle with her!
  • My skin is extremely soft with no breakouts from the oil being applied.
  • I have used it on my hair to get rid of dry, frizzy ends, it works great!
  • It smells terrific and I add a few drops to my bath water each morning for a wonderful, relaxing experience.
Your oil is wonderful!"

  —  Denise W., Ohio*

"I've just received my Oil of Tara in the mail today. I wrote to you guys a short while ago to tell you I needed to reorder because I dropped the first bottle on the floor. So when I opened the box today to find two bottles of the product and a letter stating that one of the bottles was compliments from you guys, I was so happy. Most larger corporations would never do that, it's just nice to know that your small company is in touch with their customers. It meant a lot to me that you did that and I would just like to take the time out to say thank you."

  —  Sincerely yours, Heather C., New York*

"Holy cow, I'm almost out of Oil of Tara! Please send more fast. This stuff is better than anything that the doctor prescribed. Thanks so much! "Send more Oil of Tara! Please do it fast. My legs need all the help they can get. Later on, I will send a more detailed letter explaining my success. "It is working on the spider veins! I can't believe it and only after two weeks. So I'm ordering the 4 oz size."

  —  Thanks. Celia A., Alabama*

"So far, your product seems to be working. Of course, they are not gone yet, but I do see a difference in that the spider veins are getting lighter."

  —  Linda D., Pennsylvania*

"Yes, I think it is a good product. I have undergone laser surgery and believe this product is a better treatment. Laser treatments produce devastating bruise marks and I have had some marks remain as dark spots. I have had a serious problem with spider veins on my face (all over my face). This product has helped diminish the appearance of these veins; to a point, that they are barely noticeable. They have come back at times, but not to the degree of the past. I hope the oil continues to work and completely gets rid of them. Doctors have said that there is no treatment for this condition outside of the laser treatment. I have tried tetracycline, vitamin k and other treatments. Nothing worked until I used this oil. The reason I believe that you have not heard much from other users is that they are not using it properly. What I have done was apply a fair amount of oil very frequently. I have applied it right after I got home from work and reapplied it a couple of times prior to going to bed. I have done this for a couple of weeks straight. It took only a couple of days to show good results... " "Thanks again, I will keep you posted of any further developments and progress."

  —  Bob C., California*

"Dear American Ayurvedic, "Your Oil of Tara is the best product I've ever used for spider veins. I probably have the worst case of spider veins on my legs where the spider veins are so bad that they look like bruises - partly due to a badly broken leg 13 years ago and partly due to varicose veins. Anyway, I noticed a dramatic improvement after just one application! All other products I've every tried have not made any noticeable difference, even after months of use. I've used 4 oz. of your Oil of Tara and my spider veins continue to fade -- phenomenal! Please continue making this exceptional formula."

  —  Best Regards, Mary C., Colorado*

"Hi! I have seen some improvement in the spider veins and a subtle improvement in the back of my thighs - celluliteville! I think it smells good."

  —  Kind regards, Marie S., South Dakota*

"Thank you for these wonderful essential oils that has a special magic. Everyday, I can see my spider veins fading away. My legs are looking young again with daily use of these essential oils. This is the best formula I have every used for spider veins. Please continue making the oils by hand. I also think that 4 oz. of Oil of Tara for $64.95 is a fair price. When you price every oil separately at the health store, it is very expensive. I do appreciate all the work that has gone into it. Please keep up the good work."

  —  Victoria A., Texas*

*Results may vary from person to person.

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