Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

Heal Spider Veins and Cellulite ...Naturally*

Why have thousands of women worldwide used Oil of Tara™ to reduce the appearance of spider veins ("thread veins" for British fans) and to smooth unsightly cellulite? Because while nothing can do magic, Oil of Tara™ can do wonders for your skin.

The Truly All Natural Oil of Tara

Oil of Tara is unlike any product on the market (that we know of!). Through years of research, trails, testing and customer feedback - we have developed a truly all-natural solution for fighting Spider Veins, Cellulite and many other health and cosmetic concerns.

Jojoba: This is pure liquid ester extracted from the nut of the jojoba

Apricot Kernel: Known for its excellent emollient and skin softening abilities

Calendula Extract: A member of the marigold family, legendary natural healer in many countries

Avocado: High content of essential fatty acids, softens and increases the elasticity of the skin

Sesame: Is the traditional carrier oil for Indian Ayurvedic massage

Olive Oil: Has rubefactant qualities similar to, but slightly milder than sesame oil.

Almond: Mild enough for the most sensitive skin, it tones and strengthens the skin

Juniper Berry: This aromatic oil is a rubefactant and carminative. Blends naturally with geranium.

Geranium: Promotes rapid healing while softening the skin by helping it produce more sebum

Lemon Verbena: We use pure lippia citriadora oil for its ability to help break down cellulite

Lemon Grass: High in citrols, and one component, myrcene, acts as a site-specific pain killer.

Calendula: High in glycosides, including rutin, which help to strengthen the veins and the skin

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*Results may vary

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