Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

Procuring The All Natural Ingredients of Tara*

Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

Oil of Tara was developed in London, England by Dr. Prabha Shankaran, M.R.C.P. (Member of the Royal College of Physicians). Uniting modern medical research with centuries-old traditional formulas and healing techniques, she combined 11 natural ingredients to create one of the richest skin treatments available without prescription.

Dr. Shankaran, who won the prestigious Osler Prize in medical school, was thoroughly familiar with the healing plants of her native India as well as the medicinal massage techniques of traditional ayurvedic practice. Adding to this wide knowledge of medical herbology was a distinguished career in medical practice and research at King's College Medical School.

Living in London, Dr. Shankaran was able to obtain a variety of pure essential oils that she combined with natural massage oils to create her healing formulations for a number of specific skin ailments. For years only friends and family knew of these soothing home-made treatments. Now, thousands of women and men are enjoying the results of her efforts. The three powerful healing traditions of herbology, classical ayurveda, and state-of-the-art medical research are all working together in her remarkable discoveries.

Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

American Ayurvedic is Cambridge Pharmaceutical Laboratories' brand for its line of naturally medicated skin treatments based on Dr. Shankaran's formulas, as well as its all-natural skin creams. The name may sound official, but the entire company was for years operated entirely by its two founders, Laurence and Suki McKinney, who carefully blended, packed, and shipped every order. It was, and is, a family business from the start.

Despite the name American Ayurvedic, and Dr. Shankaran's knowledge of the basis of traditional Indian ayurvedic philosophy and practice, there is little traditional "ayurvedic" basis for these formulations. India is the source of medicinal plants rarely found or used in the West, although they have often been found to have remarkable properties. Some are among the ingredients in Oil of Tara™, but other essential oils were selected and added by Dr. Shankaran to perfect her formula. Oil of Tara™ is so pure that it is actually edible, although it might not taste as good as it smells!

Where did the name Oil of Tara™ come from? In India, a natal horoscope is drawn at the birth of a child. As the prominent founder of a major pharmaceutical firm, Dr. Ganapati Shankaran was both surprised and honored to learn that according to Vedic astology, his daughter Prabha was an incarnation of the goddess Tara, a figure of compassion and healing throughout Asia. He was advised to guide her into a medical or scientific career. Asked if she really thought she was "manifesting" a goddess, Dr. Shankaran smiled and said she had no idea, but it was a fact that throughout her life, there was always a drop in mortality in any ward she supervised. We may believe it or not, but our Oil of Tara™ really is what it is called: the gift of a goddess.

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