Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

Oil of Tara: Perfect the Outdoors*

In the crisp, cold air that gives us the fluffy powder snow we love for alpine or cross-country, the air can be dryer than a desert. Why not? The moisture is all in the snow, and your skin can become dehydrated and damaged in only a few hours of fun.

Likewise, ultra-violet blockers don't block infra-red, which is what toasts your skin in the sun until it's dying for a drink. If you didn't use UV blocker, your skin is in even worse shape.

Professional athletes, runners, surfers and sports lovers of all sorts know about the dryness, abrasions, and mild burns associated with outdoor and active lifestyles. Protect your skin with a quick Oil of Tara™ rub before you start out, and a little more at the end of the day. Keep your skin happy and healthy, just nourish it regularly with Oil of Tara™.

*Results may vary

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