Oil of Tara, the All Natural Treatment for Spider Veins and Cellulite

The Face of Tara™

Tara's Radiant Complexion
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

Tara is the Asian goddess of universal compassion. Her desire to save living all beings from suffering is said to be stronger than a mother's love for her children. She is the most popular goddess in the Buddhist pantheon. Tara was born from the tears of compassion shed by the Buddha Avelokitishvara (see The Eyes of Tara™), who is known in Japan as Kwan-Yin, or Kanon. Tara appears in two forms, the young woman in olive green, and the mature woman in white. White Tara has a lovely young face, and it is said to shine with an incomparable beauty. Dr. Shankaran's connection with the goddess are recounted at the History of Oil of Tara, and it is Tara's face that smiles upon the women of Japan.

Nature's Facial
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

Of all natural forms of vitamin E, Tocotrienol is the most precious and most powerful. Rice bran oil contains the highest amount in liquid form. But that was only a part of it. Workers handling rice chaff seemed to have unusually soft hands. A study in the 1950s discovered rice bran was rich in phytic and ferulic acids. Both promote microfoliation (a gentle form of exfoliation) while helping balance melanin (dark pigmentation) production. It also contained proanthrocyanidins, which protect collagen and elastin to ensure suppleness and resilience. Tara's secret was revealed. Japanese artists have captured the face of the nuka-bijin in the smile of Tara.

Modern Japanese cosmetic companies offer a number of nuka-bijin formulations, but we believe ours is probably the best. The same golden rice germ oil is blended into a smooth emollient base containing a full nutrient-rich blend of natural ingredients found in other World of Tara products.

We left the powdered rice-bran (nuka) out. The Face of Tara™ is a moisturizing, naturally medicated premium beauty (bijin) cream, not a scrub. The active ingredients are just as powerful without the abrasives.

Harsh Climate, Beautiful Faces
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

The rocky islands that make up Japan face the effects of nature like no others. Surrounded by oceans and bays, salt winds blow ashore at all times. The entire country is ringed with sandy beaches that add their powdery dust to the mixture. Many of the most picturesque mountains in Japan, including Fujiyama, Mt. Fuji are active volcanoes, dumping tons of ash onto nearby cities and irritants into the air. The arrival of modern industry added even more. None of this explains how so many Japanese woman maintained their beauty, soft skin tones, and their ageless complexions well into their sixties. In fact, science has only recently learned the secret.

The Nuka-Bijin
Heals Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Cellulite

Japanese women knew, of course. There are many sources for basic skin care ingredients in Japan. Natural oils are refined from apricot pits, almonds, and rice, while native plants and seaweeds yield natural compounds used today in the most expensive cosmetics. But the beautiful women of Japan didn't use seaweed extracts or omega fish oils they had in abundance. They were the nuka-bijin, pretty ladies with the light complexions resembling natural rice bran, with the smoothness and velvet touch that came from rich natural moisturizing ingredients in the golden rice-germ oil.

From centuries-old woodcuts and ageless prints. Their complexions still remind us that sometimes the simplest is the best. The Asian world revolves around the the rice harvest. In modern Japan, families gather to harvest and thresh the first paddy. When the threshing, hulling and polishing was done, every family had a supply of rice germ oil mixed with rice and chaff. This combination acted as a mild exfoliant and a vitamin rich moisturizer at the same time.

The nuka-bijin smile out from those wonderful old woodcuts; with The Face of Tara™, it's your face in the mirror. Tara's facial, the source of that natural beauty that the samurai fought for and the shoguns treasured more than pearls is yours. The Face of Tara™ brings the magic of nuka-bijin to your face. Since The Face of Tara™ contains no sunscreen, we recommend that use this moisturizing treat before bedtime.

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